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Kidney stones treatment

Kidney stones treatment

What are kidney stones, and what are its symptoms

Kidney stones are produced by salt and dietary minerals that are located in urine. These salt and dietary minerals crystallize, when their percentage become high, and form little stones. The size of stones ranges from very little as sugar pieces to very large as little stone or tennis ball. The two kidneys are connected with urinary system and sure it is possible that stones come out of the body through the urinary system, or they stay in kidneys unable to go out. When they still in the kidneys they cause no hurt, but stones causes severe pain when they go out through the urinary system. One of the symptoms that should not be ignored is the severe and surprising pain in one side of the abdomen, or the change of piss’ color to pink or red, or feeling sick and vomit.   


Kidney stones and how to treat it

In most cases the treatment happens inside home. Doctor mostly asks the patient to treat him/her self by using painkillers and to be sure to drink huge amounts of water daily. This way of treatment is recommended when the stones still small, and they can go out with urine easily. But in other cases like when the stones are very large, or they are stuck in the urinary track, the patient will need other treatments, but this is a very low percentage like 1% to 2% of all kidney stones patients.

How to treat a pregnant of kidney stones

The treatment for pregnant is much like preventive treatment. This treatment is followed by pregnant women as any patient of kidney stones. In some cases it may need to surgery. But the preventive treatment is preferred to protect the health of the fetus, and reduce the pain for the pregnant. As a best preventive treatment the pregnant can follow:  


Best kidney stones preventive treatment for pregnant women

Preventive treatment is the easiest and the most important. The pregnant women can drink huge amounts of water and rest as possible as they can. As well as, they can use painkillers by the recipe of the pregnancy doctor who allows them. This treatment is enough when the kidneys size is less or equal to 4 millimeter. In some cases doctors may prescribe alpha blockers, which help ureter muscle relaxation. This relaxation helps works in speeding up the movement of stones or crumbs to the bladder. In addition, it reduces the pain associated with this process. Sure, it will be easy and faster treating when the kind of these stones is known:  


1-   Calcium stones: when a pregnant woman has this kind of stones, the doctor, mostly, will ask her to decrease the calcium percentage in her food to 1000- 1200 milligram daily, reduce rich oxalate food, and drink a lot of water every day.

2-   Uric acid stones: in most uric stones cases, the doctor will ask the woman to drink as much water as she can, and reduce rich purine food to increase basal cells in urine.

3-   Cysteine stones: cysteine stones happens as a result of increasing the percentage of amino acid in urine. So, the doctor will ask to increase the urine amount to 3 liter by drinking much water and increase the basal in urine.


Ways of surgery treatment for a pregnant woman with kidney stones

In case that preventive treatment did not work or the stones size is bigger that they go out through the urinary system, the only solution is surgery.  There are different kinds of surgery can be done to a pregnant woman, like: inserting a net or tube into ureter in order to make the process of moving stones or crumbs easier. This tube is changed regularly until birthing process. And there are kinds of surgeries where the big stone is broken to little crumbs to get out from the ureter to the bladder. If the stone is very large or if the previous treatment did not work, it may call to a bigger surgery. But doctors avoid such big surgeries because of the complications that may happen, like: lung strokes, food strokes, surgery inflammation, preterm birth, or blood poisoning.



Kidney stones for children

Kidney stones never happens just for adults and elderly, it also happens for children and teenagers. What are the reasons that forms kidney stones in children and teenagers’ bodies?


Reasons behind children and teenagers’ kidney stones:

1-   Obesity and obese.

2-   Increasing consumption of sweetened beverages. The same result comes out of salt and calcium and lack of drinking milk and liquids. All of those mentioned above reduce the amount of piss, which is the main reason for crystallizing the stones in the kidneys.

3-   Prematurity.

4-   Seizures and their treatments.

5-   The diets that produce cotinine to seizures patients.

6-   General changes in the environment.

7-   Inheritance, half of kidney stones cases has kidney stones patient fathers or grandfathers.

8-   Much calcium in piss and in blood for unknown reasons.

9-   Increased activity of parathyroid glands for unknown reasons.

10- Sarcoidosis.

11-Rare metabolic diseases, like: increasing of releasing cysteine in piss which causes cysteine stones.

12-Uric acid stones, it happens rarely when uric acid is high in piss.

13-Urinary system infections which causes urinary infection stones.

14-Congenital malformations of urinary system.

15- Disability that causes lack of movement or non-movement at all.

Kidney stones symptoms for children

1-   Pain in the belly.

2-   Pain in the sirloin especially for teenagers.

3-   Hurt when pee.

4-   There is a blood in the pee.

5-   The pain goes when the crumbs or stones go.

6-   The pains of children is not similar to the pains that happens to the adults.

7-   Sickness and vomit.


How to protect children from the kidney stones

1-   Drinking a lot of water. The minimum amount must be as follow:

·       750 milliliter and above for babies.

·       1 liter daily for children from 1 to 5 years old.

·       1.5 liter for children from 5 to 10 years old.

·       2 liter for children who are above 10 years.

2-   In case of metabolic diseases, metabolic diets must be applied.

3-   Reducing salt and sodium generally.

4-   For children who are infected with calcareous urinary stones, calcium amounts in food must be as follow:

·       500 milligram of calcium from 1 to 3 years old.

·       800 milligram of calcium from 4 to 8 years old.

·       1300 milligram of calcium from 9 years and above.

5-   For children who are infected with oxalate stones, vitamin C amounts must be reduced.

6-   Exercising.

Kidney stones cases that must be taken seriously when they happen to a child

1-   Uric stones that make it necessary to take painkillers and antiemetic.

2-   Ureter stones for children who have only one kidney.

3-   Obstruction of urethra because of the stones or crumbs.

4-   Constant pain along the use of painkillers.

Kidney stones treatment for children

1-   Crumbling by shock waves.

2-   Crumbling by shock waves from the outside of the body, this treatment is popular with children cases. Stone crumbling devise is used to send sonic shock waves throughout the skin to break the stones, which makes its movement easy in the urinary track.


Herbs treatment for kidney stones

1-   Lemon juice and olive oil

This mix is considered from the best descriptions for kidney stones. Because lemon juice contains citric acid which brakes the calcium stones.

The recipe: add 4 spoons of olive oil to what is enough of fresh lemon juice. It requires a lot of water after drinking it. Repeat this several times a day until noticing the crumbs go out with the pee.

2-   Apple vinegar

It helps to crumb different kinds of stones. Add two spoons of original apple vinegar to one spoon of honey. Also, it requires drinking a lot of water. Repeat this process many times a day to many days.

3-   Pomegranate juice

You can eat it or make it a juice no different.

4-    Bean

Bean is very similar to kidneys. This is the reason it has been used as treatment to kidney stones since ages ago. They used to put beans in water and let it boil for 2 hours or more. Then drink it until the pain disappear.

5-   Celery

Celery is considered a strong diuretic. It strengthen the kidneys function at the same time. Furthermore, it is a painkiller for kidneys pains and renal colic. It is eaten fresh with meals.

6-   Basil

It strengthens the kidneys and improve their functions, which helps breaking the stones and easily go out. Prepare a juice from the basil leaves and mix two spoons with one spoon of honey daily to six months.

7-   Watermelon

Watermelon contains the potassium and magnesium salts. These salts are very important to the kidneys. Potassium keeps on the acid in the uric. In addition, watermelon contains a huge amounts of water so it is a good diuretic.

8-    Bearberry

It helps in reducing the pain and clearing the urethra.

9-   Horsetail

Drink 3-4 cups of the horsetail tea as a natural treatment for the kidney stones.

10- Nettle plant

Its leaves help water to go through the kidneys and bladder easily, which is much like diuretic. Add to spoons of dry nettle leaves to hot water. Then, leave it for 10 minutes and filter it. It is recommended to drink it two or three times a day.