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Sherlock Holmes the word wild icon of deductive intelligence

Sherlock Holmes the word wild icon of deductive intelligence

Sherlock Holmes the word wild icon of deductive intelligence

He is an imaginative character to a deductive from late 19s to the early part of 20s. This character was made by the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes regards himself as a consultative deductive who lives in London. He helps policemen and other deductive when they have no idea or illustration of the crimes that occur. He is famous because of his logical way of thinking, and his ability of dressing up and disguise. In addition, he knows forensic very well which helps him solving complicated issues. All the novels about him were world wild spread before his best friend John Watson.  

The inspiration of Holmes character

Conan Doyle was inspired of this character after Dr. Josef Bell, who was his boss in the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. Josef had the ability to conclude magnificent finding by noting small details. So, Sherlock Holmes was inspired by Dr. Bell.

The life of the deductive Sherlock Holmes

According to His Last Bow, the last story that Holmes appears in, we can guess that Holmes was approximately born in 1854. The story was published in august 1914 and holmes was 60 years old. Some researchers think that Holmes was exactly born in 6 January.

Holmes tried his first attempts in developing his skills before his graduation. As well as, the first case he had solved and deducted on was related to one of his colleges. According to Holmes, the meeting that was held between his friend’s father and him motivated him to be professional in deductive and investigation.  

He had lived in 221B Baker Street in London since 1881. There where he started his journeys and his investigation services. His flat had 17 stairs as it is the last flat at Baker Street. Before Watson, Holmes had worked alone. He also had employed poor Baker Street children to give him a hand, and he called them Baker Street homeless. This group appeared in three stories “The Sign of the Four”, A Study in Scarlet”, and “The Adventure of the Crooked Man”.

Conan Doyle had not mentioned truly enough about Holmes family. So, nothing is known about holmes parents. Doyle only mentioned that Holmes descended from his large landowners fathers. Holmes claimed in “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter” that the famous French artist Vernet. Holmes has 7 years older brother. His name is Mycroft Holmes. His brother appeared in three stories which are “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter”, “The Final Problem”, and “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans”. Also, his name was mentioned in the story of The Adventure of the Empty House. Mycroft worked in an individual job in the British government, he was considered as a human data base for laws and government policies.    


According to the stories. Mycroft is more intelligent in analyzing and reasoning than Sherlock. In contrast, he did not like this work, he preferred to be alone in Diogenes club.   

His life with Dr. Watson

He spent all his career life as a consultative investigator with his best friend doctor Watson. Watson shared a room with Holmes before his marriage from Mary Morstan. Watson got back to share rooms with Holmes after his wife death. The flat that they were live in is owned by a widow called Mrs. Hudson who was responsible of preparing the flat. Watson had two important sides in Sherlock’s life: the first one, he was Sherlock’s right-hand. He helped him because he is a doctor. In addition to dressing up, disguising, searching, texting. The second one, he wrote Sherlock’s biography and cases’ details that he had solved.

The friendship between Sherlock and Watson is the most important relationship in Doyle’s stories. Besides that Sherlock is frigid, he shows great respect and appreciation towards his friend Watson.   

Characteristics of Holmes’ character


Watson described Holmes that he is a messy in his both behaviors and life. Watson added, he is weirdo, and never respects the society traditions in terms of arrangement and organization stuff. In all course of events, Sherlock sinks in his mess of papers and documents in order to solve the puzzle.    


Moreover, Watson wrote notes about Sherlock’s nutritional habits. He mentioned that Sherlock never cared about food and meals, and when he thought about crimes and the puzzles behind them, he forgot all about getting a meal for hours and hours, as described by Watson in The Adventure of the Norwood Builder.


From the well-known characteristics of Sherlock Holmes that smokes pipe and did not appeared smoking cigarettes in a notable way. Watson did not mentioned the pipe as a bad thing, while Holmes was so pride that he had hubris.


Holmes feelings are frigid and tough. Also, he was deadbeat that he often gave notes that are not going well with the tough situation or adventure, furthermore, he is talented in showing off and has strong presence. He is also talented in making traps to catch the red-handed criminal, and he does it in a perfect way to amazes Dr. Watson or other Scotland Yard deductive.  





 His personal appearance

The known idea of his look is that he is tall person, his face is skinny, he wears Elk killer hat, he smokes pipe, and he stand with a magnifying glass in his hand. He is also described as an English Victorian gentleman with sharp eyes and crooked nose.   


The original published pieces are four novels and fifty short story all by Conan Doyle. The novels are A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Valley of Fear. The short stories were grouped in 5 groups which are The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, His Last Bow: An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes, and The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.