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Never give up your goals

Never give up your goals

Everyone has his own goal, this includes short term and long term goals. Some of you may find it difficult to achieve their goals, which leads to being impatient and totally hopeless. Hopeless people, often, feel the desire of making goals and going forward to achieve them and make them real. But how can one make their goals, desires, and dreams real without finding them, or without having goals? So, how should someone find their small or short term goal?



How to find a goal:

A goal is a result that we seek to gain in order to find our own fulfillment. Everyone knows that there are common goals between people, but the difference is the circumstances that surround each person. These circumstances may lead to one person success and the failure of the other. Which makes the person who failed feel disappointment. Thus, they leave their goals behind their backs and give it up. In this case, they must do activities to reactivate their enthusiasm and look after new or old goals. These activities can be:


1- Exercise a hobby in your free time

Exercising a hobby in daily or regular basis improves the thinking process and rise up your self-confidence. As well as, making a specific times for exercising your hobby makes it easier and faster to figure out the goals you really want to achieve. In some cases, the hobby turns to a goal that will be much easier to achieve because you have trained them hard. Lots of people have no realization of the treasures that they can make out of their hobbies.


2- Doing new activities

Trying new activities is a better way to improve the personal skills and hobbies, because trying new activities feeds the brain with much information, and boosts up self-understanding. In addition, it increases the ability of making plans and strategies to achieve the goals in a very clear way.


3- paying attention to other’s advices

Being a good listener to other’s experiences and advices, especially who undergone the same way of yours, is very beneficial to gain deeper understanding to what you have done and what you are going to do. But, you should always be careful of who is trying to underestimate you, your experience, and make you feel hopeless or disappointed.  


4- Write down your skills

When you write your skills on a notebook, you clarify all your skills that can be developed. In this way, you will increase your self-confident and start working on each skill that you have wrote. After that, you will find yourself writing the progress of each skill, and what did you achieve.


The best advices that we can present to you in order to achieve your goals, keep working on them, and never feel impatient, is that you should divide a single goal into many parts. This is how to do it:

a- Make a notebook for that goal.

b- Write your goal in bold right in the first page, e.g. losing weight.

c-  Divide your goal to small or short term goals, e.g. losing 3 Kg, then 7 Kg.

d- Make a time table for each small goal, e.g. losing 3 Kg in the first week, after that, losing 7 Kg in the next 10 days.

e- Make a reward for yourself when you achieve every small goal. That reward should not go against the main goal, e.g. new outfit, or new IPhone.

f-   Keep on noting the progress every single day, e.g. I lost 0.25 Kg of my weight today.

This method helps us appreciate what we have achieved from the begging to this moment, which improves our self-confident, and vanish the feeling of disappointment, underestimating, and failure.  







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