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Nothing better to drink than coffee- here is why.

 Nothing better to drink than coffee- here is why. 

Nothing better to drink than coffee- here is why.

You see many people go and show off how they make coffee, and there are professionals who are specialized in coffee making. When it comes to coffee, people's tastes differ. Some like it with light sugar, and some prefer it with medium or with no sugar at all. Coffee is considered  a ritual for those who are big fans of it. They drink it before going to work, or school, or even in family meetings. Sure, coffee has a lot of benefits, but the medical view is not sure whether its benefits are more than its disadvantages.   

Coffee benefits

Coffee has so many unknown benefits which are ignored by many people. We will reveal some of them right now:

1- It decreases the incidence of diabetes

Many researches have been done in 2005, and they show that coffee reduces the incidence of diabetes type 2 for adults who drink it 4 to 6 times a day. Those people are 30% more protected of diabetes than those who drink only 2 cups.




2- It helps improving memory and realization

Researchers have claimed that people who drink rich caffeine coffee do their tasks and receive information in a much better way than they do not drink it. Another study showed that having something sweet to eat while drinking coffee affect the memory in a good way but for short time.  


3- It fights the free radical

The origin of coffee is a plant. Coffee cherries contain great amounts of nutrients that are good for the body. As well as, it contains nearly 1000 chemical natural compounds. Which are helpful for immunity system and the general health of the body. These compounds are antioxidants, and they protect the body from the harm of the free radical.


Coffee disadvantages

Despite of the great advantages of coffee there are disadvantages, also.

1-  Wrinkles

As we know that coffee contains antioxidants, but drinking a lot of coffee leads to wrinkled skin. This is mainly because of its function as a diuretic which causes dehydration. In this case, the skin loses its moisture and its flexibility, and wrinkles’ lines start appearing. So, it is recommended to drink much water after each cup of coffee.  

2-     It causes osteoporosis


Coffee motivates the body to drop calcium with uric, which is a direct loss of bones building substance. Drinking 150 mil of coffee casts 5 mil of calcium. This issue can be solved by adding two spoons of milk or eating yogurt with it.


3-     Obesity

The amount of caffeine in the coffee beans causes vibration in the sugar level in the blood. In case of high sugar level in blood, sweeteners will be desired and the apatite will be hearty.      


4-   Insecticide

Traditional or regular coffee is full of insecticide. Also, the plant of coffee is sprayed as all plants. These chemical materials are not welcome in the body. It is recommended to drink the coffee that is not exposed to such insecticides.