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How to reduce hay and sinus infection symptoms


 How to reduce hay fever and sinus infection symptoms

How to reduce hay and sinus infection symptoms


Every year after winter comes spring, which everyone loves. When we first hear the word spring, the first thing that comes to our minds is trees, flowers, beautiful nature, and fresh air. But there is a group of people who suffers from allergy due to flowers blooming and growing during spring. Also, there is another group who suffers sinus infection, for whom does not know what is sinus; sinus infection is swelling right in the empty spots inside the nose and the head of the patient. It is really sinus when this swelling last for three months alongside using medicines. Breathing becomes harder from the nose because of the stockiness between the swelling and the exteriors of the mucus. Allergy is better known as the interaction of human body when it has a new intruder substance, which inters the body from the nose, mouth, or skin. In this case, the infected body mostly will have itches and redness. Right here the allergy is activated in the body.  


These two groups suffer a lot in spring. It is important to mention here that hay fever, spring allergy, is different from light sensitivity, allergy to dogs and cats, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or chest allergy. Here we are going to illustrate the actions and behaviors that should be followed in order to reduce the sharpness of the symptoms of hay and the sinus infection during spring.


Ways to reduce the symptoms of hay and sinus infection in spring:

1-  Do not expose yourself to the cold airwaves.

Spring season is very famous of its fresh cold air that refreshes our souls, but exposing directly to it increases the sharpness of sinus and hay. There are wrong behaviors you must avoid, which are:

a-   Opening house’s windows at night.

b-  Opening all car’s windows.

c-   Wearing loose-fitting or summer outfit.

d-  Turning on air-conditions.

2-  Moving from  cold places to hotter places or vice versa.

As you leave the cold house to the hot sunny street directly. There must be a balanced temperature you move to before moving to the extreme different temperature.   

3-  Exposing to dusty air.

Sometimes in spring the air becomes full of dust, as it comes like sever airwaves. Sometimes these dusty airwaves are so heavy that they cover the sunshine! In this case, people who have allergies and sinus must stay in closed place with good ventilation. If it is necessary to go out they must cover their faces. Also, it is recommended to wear industrial masks not the masks used in the medical sector.  

4-  Constantly changing body temperature.

This happens when you keep changing your outfit whenever you felt cold or hot. It is recommended to wear heavy or semi-heavy clothes all the time of spring. 


The best advice is that if you have a hay or sinus infection, you should stay at home as possible as you can, and never expose yourself to extreme temperature.