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let the positive energy enlighten your life


let the positive energy enlighten your life


First of all, we have to know what does energy mean. It is the field that surrounds us, it is always with us, and it is called electromagnetic energy. This energy provides the unconscious brain with information that it needs to build a pattern image for the future. There are two types of energy, one is positive, and the other is negative. The positive energy reflects itself on the human with love, giving, happiness, and active personal attitudes. In contrast, the negative energy reflects anger, nervous, bad thoughts, feeling depressed, and feeling sad. Energy has a great effect on our lives for example, when someone is exposed to insult. The negative energy is released to the field around him/her. So, he or she feels anger and nervous inside. Then, these feelings go out to harm other people around. In other situation, when someone hears good news that makes him/her happy. The positive energy is strengthened, which brings happiness, joy, and power.  

How to get positive energy

1- From the place you are in. when you are at a party, the positive energy will cover the whole place whatever you feel sad or happy.

2- By renewing the positive energy. This happens through improving lifestyle. Lots of good intentions, inspiring thoughts, forgiveness, joy, and happiness habits can be improved and developed. All of those will be reflected on your personality and your attitudes toward others.

3- Feeling active, healthy, happy, and wealthy.

4- Giving a hand to those in need, and other people generally help boosting positive energy.


5- Satisfaction of what you have, and the way you are.


6- Love. Love may be introduced by family, friends, or relationships.


7- Eating seven dates every day, which strengthens the positive energy in the surrender field, and prevents the negative energy.


8- Walking on sand shoeless, in this way negative energy is released and placed with positive one.



9- Drinking water and juices.


10- Reading your holy book. In this way the spiritual side is enhanced, and serenity is placed in your heart.  


11- Exercising and sports like, bodybuilding, and walking. Both help replacing the negative energy.


12-Reading. It is considered from the most effective ways in generating the positive energy. Indeed, reading five pages is enough to release the negative energy that surrounds you, and replace it with positive one.


13-Spending time with children. Children are full of innocence and spending time with them will wipe out all the previous collected negative energy.


14- Meditation works on correction ideas. When you set and think about the wrong ideas and how you will correct them. It will give you a great positive boost to keep going in life.

15-Sleeping reduces signs of fatigue, which helps reducing the negative energy caused by fatigue.


16-Listening to elder people improves your experiences, which gives a huge feelings of confidence and ability to overcome problems.  


Negative energy

Negative energy are the feelings of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and hatred that are unwanted to be revealed to others. In addition to all feelings that are related to depressing, envies, and jealous.

Negative energy resources

1- Empty rocking chairs. They call the dark energy to set on them. The worse, when the chair moves by itself. That means there is an evil spirit sets on it, according to Ireland’s saying.

2- Green walls. The green color is a bad omen for US population. A true story behind this omen. In 1700 a scientist used Arsenic to make green paints, when walls are humid a poisonous gas starts to spread which was behind killing many people in the US.

3- Prickly plants. All prickly plants, except roses, bring negative energy around the house, according to Feng shui energy science.

4- Dead plants. It is recommended to waste dead planets immediately because the idea of death is dark itself.

5- Old calendar. Always old calendars bring memories, sometimes these memories are bad. So, it is better to use only the new calendar.

6- Broken watches. According to Feng Shui, broken watches boost frustration as much as they underestimate the value of time which reduces productivity.

7- Mirrors. Reflecting glass distracts the positive energy and develops the ego, according to myth. In the Victorian area mirrors were highly refused. People feared mirrors because they hold spirits behind. Also, if someone dies, they cover all mirrors to let his/her soul leave in peace.  

Positive energy bringing colors

There are colors that bring positive energy to home, office, or hospital. Colors are used in many treatments. They are relaxing and change bad mood. From these colors:

1- White. This color is a symbol of purity, serenity, and peace. White color helps other colors to be noticed. If there is white color, that means everything id good.

2- Black. Black is not used only in sad occasions, but it is much like the white helps other color to be noticed. It is a symbol of moderation.

3- Gray. Gray and its shadows are relaxing colors which is used to paint houses and hospitals walls.

4- Green. It is a symbol of happiness and joy. In fact, it is recommended to exercise in green yards or in open parks