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How to make yogurt at home- what are the benefits of it

How to make yogurt at home- what is the benefits of it

How to make yogurt at home- what is the benefits of it

Many of us have no idea about the process that introduce yogurt. Yogurt is a result of removing the layer of fat from the well-boiled butter. It is known that yogurt is always prepared from skim and low fat milk. After that, it is brewed with the dedicated bacterium. The former provides lactic acid. In comparison to milk. Lactic adds a high density to yogurt. The amazing thing that nobody expects is that the main component of low fat yogurt is water with 90% percentage. Generally, yogurt has many benefits such as strengthen the digestive process, reducing stomach acid, and reducing blood pressure. Today we will learn how to make yogurt at home in the simplest ways.

How to make yogurt at home

1-We will need the following items:

·      2 liter of liquid milk.

·      4 spoons of yogurt.

2- Steps:

·      Boiling the 2 liter of liquid milk for 20 minutes, then we let it rest for 10 minutes.

·      After that, we put the milk in non-glass bowl and we add the 4 spoons of yogurt.

·      The most important step, we cover the non-glass bowl in a heavy blanket or sheet, then we let it brewed for 6 to 8 hours.

·      Now it is ready and edible.

·      It must be kept in the fridge.

Yogurt benefits for hair

1-It reduces the itches inflammation of the scalp. This is mainly because of the good bacteria that yogurt contains.

2-Strong moisturizer for hair.  

3- Reduces hair loss.

4-It makes the hair heavier and longer.

5-Motivates the scalp to produce its oils which makes the hair softer.



Yogurt benefits for face’s skin

1-Gentle moisturizer and suitable with face’s skin.

2-It is skin whitening. Yogurt contains lactic acid which prevents Tyrosinase from being produced. This enzyme is responsible for producing melanin which causes face darkness.

3-Skin scarper.

4-It heels the dark circles under the eyes.

5-It delays wrinkles appearance.

6-It heels sunburn.  

Yogurt benefits for pregnant women

1-It is necessary for them because it contains high percentage of calcium. This calcium is very important for the formation of fetus’ bones.

2-There are many vitamins and proteins that are beneficial for the pregnant women and her fetus.

3-Activates the digestive system for the mother, which mothers need because pregnancy slows down the digestive system. The former is responsible for providing the fetus with it needs of food and substances to grow. Usually mothers get digestive problems like constipation or hemorrhoid. So, it is recommended to eat yogurt every day to not be infected with such diseases.  

4-Two kinds of milk must be avoided which are whole milk and pasteurized milk.

Yogurt benefits for children

1-            It helps strengthen the intrinsic immunity, which makes the child able to stand against different kinds of diseases.

2-            It happens a lot that children suffer from diarrhea. Here exactly comes the digestive benefits of yogurt. It heels from both diarrhea and hemorrhoid.

3-            It is considered from the strong natural tranquilizers. It helps in reducing anxiety and makes sleeping more comfort and easier.

4-            Keeps on the health of kidney.

5-            Rich of calcium, which grantee more powerful and heathier bones.

6-            Rich of phosphorus, which reducing the risk of tooth decay and osteoporosis.

7-            It has many proteins that strengthens the muscular structure of the child.

8-            Reduces the risk of suffering from bowl infections.

9-            Reducing the possibility of allergy infections.

10-      Reducing the risk of heart diseases.

11-     Reducing the risk of cancer.

12-     Gentle moisturizer for child’s body. It protects the child’s body from dehydration which is very dangerous on the health of a child and may lead to other serious diseases.

13-     Provides high protection for red balls cell count as well as all body’s cells.