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why do we fail to learn English?

why do we fail to learn English? 

why do we fail to learn English?

First of all I like to start by discussing the well-known phrase for all English learning beginners “I failed to learn English”. When someone says that, it means that they have tried a lot and all their attempts went with air. I’m talking here specifically about Arab who want to learn English. According to personal observations, I’m going to explain why many Arabic countries can’t speak English fluently and even they can’t learn it.  
Reasons cause failure in learning English:

First reason

One attempt judges the all experience

The first reason that causes failure in general perspective is building the whole experience fate around one attempt. Let me explain more. Let’s assume that you want to start your own business, most of you are going to make a specific capital for the business, let’s say it is 4000$. And you will wait to see if it success or fail. If it fails, you will make a judgment that the business is just a waste of money. Not just that, but also you will recommend others to not get into that business. But let me tell you something, have you thought why your business failed? Or what are the reasons behind it? What were the weakness points? What were the strength points? How can you develop weaknesses? How can you develop your business strength points? I know most of you now thinking what has this to do with learning English? The overall idea is very similar despite the different subjects. When you have undergone a failure in learning English, you will judge yourself that you will never be able to learn English. Let me ensure you that you were reckless in making that judgment. Have you realized your failing reasons? Have you recognized your weaknesses and strengths? And worked hard to develop each of them? Yeah, you must ask yourself these questions and many similar because they are the main points that give you the ability to judge in the right way.

The second reason

The negligence of pen and paper

There is a great neglect of the magical effect of pen and paper usage. The fact that is applicable to most of us. We can’t bear it to hold the pen and write something on the paper. This happens for different reasons such as having smartphones or even shyness of others if they read what was written. Lots of people do not know that writing is a secret of development in its general concept for any walk of life. Mostly, no one of us have ever written their objective on a notebook, their notes, and their progress. Also, most of us do not know that this notebook will be a source of motivation by itself.  

The third reason


This reason plays a big role in failing and depression. A lot of us is embarrassed of being a beginner. Let me remind you there is no one who was born expert. Sometimes being with an expert makes us feel small and maybe unconfident, but we should do it the other way. We should make the best benefits of that expert by asking questions and making discussions.

The forth reason

Wasting time

Most of us spends much time on social media, hanging out with friends... etc. it is good activities, but did not you see that there is some wasted time here and there? Most of you are going to say yes. Let me be honest with you. If you did not make some time every day to work on your goal, how are you going to reach it?

The fifth reason

Learning style

Unfortunately, the only learning style that we know is the academic style. Long story short, a question and its answer. What most of us do not know is that learning a language is extremely different from that. The reason why is that when we say a language we say a language, not math. It is so far from a question and its answer. It is about reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is about ideologies and cultures. So, we must recognize the English language the same way we recognize our native language.

The sixth reason

The society that surrounds you

We must involve ourselves with colleges, but how? We all spend a lot of time using social media, sure as we mentioned previously, it is a waste of time. But also we can get some benefit of that waste. By social media we can surround ourselves or get involved with people who share us the same interests. This environment will help us a lot by making it easier getting information from colleges and masters.

The seventh reason

 The negligence of the four skills

These four skills that we all have learned in the very beginning of learning English, which are: reading, writing, listening, speaking. Have you noticed something? Whenever someone mentions these skills, they mention it in the same previous order, why? Because the four skills are divided into two sections: inputs and outputs. Inputs include reading and listening. Outputs include writing and speaking. So, in order to do well in outputs, you must to get more and more of inputs. Logically speaking, there is no outcome without income.  

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